Derby County Show: took place on 23rd June 2019 at The Showground, Elvaston Country Park, Borrowash Road, Elvaston, Derby.

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Poultry Club of Great Britain

National Championship Show


Held at the Telford International Centre

Judge – Arlene Morrison

Steward – Martin Anderson



Male 1st E. Hancock

Female 1st D. Melland 2nd C. Taylor 3rd D. Melland 4th E. Hancock

Cockerel 1st C. Taylor (Best Derbyshire Redcap) 2nd E. Hancock 3rd C. Taylor 4th D. Melland

Pullet 1st E. Hancock 2nd C. Taylor 3rd D. Melland 4th D. Melland

Bantam Male/Female 1st C. Taylor (Best opposite size) 2nd D. Melland 3rd E. Hancock 4th D. Melland


Federation Championship Show


Held at The County Showground,


Judge – Dan Melland


Cock 1st E. Hancock

Hen 1st B. Wager 2nd A. Morrison

Cockerel 1st B. Wager (Best Derbyshire Redcap)

Bantam Cock 1st E. Hancock

Bantam Hen 1st E. Hancock

Selston Poultry Fanciers Show

January 2019


Large Male/Female 1st E. Hancock (Best Derbyshire Redcap) 2nd A. Morrison 3rd A. Morrison

Bantam Male/Female 1st E. Hancock 2nd D. Melland 3rd D. Melland


High Peak Poultry Club

The Derbyshire Championship Poultry Show 2019

Held at Bakewell Agricultural Centre

Judge – Harold Oven

Steward – Naomi Verdicchio

February 2019

(Redcap Club Show)


Cock 1st B. Wager 2nd A. Morrison 3rd F. Parker

Hen 1st E. Hancock (Best of Opposite Size) 2nd C. Taylor 3rd D. Melland

Cockerel 1st C. Taylor 2nd B. Wager 3rd E. Hancock

Pullet 1st B. Wager 2nd E. Hancock 3rd C. Taylor

Bantam Male 1st F. Parker (Best Derbyshire Redcap/Best Bantam) 2nd E. Hancock 3rd D. Melland

Bantam Female 1st C. Taylor 2nd D. Melland 3rd D. Melland

Junior Male/Female (large or bantam) 1st E. Hancock

3 Large Eggs 1st E. Hancock 2nd C. Taylor

1 Large Egg 1st E. Hancock

3 Bantam Eggs 1st D. Melland (Best Derbyshire Redcap Eggs) 2nd E. Hancock 3rd E. Hancock

1 Bantam Egg 1st E. Hancock


Derbyshire County Show   - 2020  - held at The Showground, Borrowash Road, Elvaston, Derby DE72 3EP      (TBC)           

Redcap Club AGM  The George Hotel, Alport Lane, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1UW –  15th October 2019 at 7.30pm

Poultry Club of Great Britain Show   - 30th November and 1st December 2019 - held at Telford International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4JH

National Federation of Poultry Clubs Show  - 21st and 22nd December 2019 - held at The County Showground, Stafford, ST18 0BD

High Peak Poultry Club’s Derbyshire Championship Poultry Show (Club Show) - 1st  February 2020 – held at The Bakewell Agricultural Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire. DE45 1EH






Redcap Story of Yesteryear by Audrey

In October 1995 I had a phone call, asking if I could take my Redcaps to work on a film set at Haddon Hall.  "Jayne Eyre" was being directed by Franco Zefferelli, with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsborg starring.  I quite thought it was a wind-up, so said I would consider the offer.   However, Wayne rang back in an hour and I agreed to go.   I took a cockerel and six hens.   We were on call for three weeks and actually worked for seven days.   I took three geese as well.   We had to be on Haddon Hall car park at 8am and on arrival had enormous bacon butties and mugs of coffee.

Lunches were delicious.   We all ate together - Zefferelli, the stars and the poultry lady.   On the first day Zeff. said he wanted the chickens there and pointed and the geese there.   I said "of course", then frantically threw corn and they miraculously went to their places.   I was reluctant to go inside for lunch and leave the Redcaps in the grounds but Wayne assured me they would be fine.   When we came out the Head Gardener was threatening all sorts of things if someone didn't get them out of his garden as soil and plants were flying in all directions.

Catching them to go home was quite a problem.   One afternoon they went into a stable that had been dressed to be filmed.   I went to catch them an hour later and we were in real trouble, straw and hay was everywhere.   They behaved well for filming until Jane was running away.   She was waiting for the stagecoach and they were gathered round eating corn.   Jane went into the stagecoach, William came running.   I got them all back round again because next William had to gallop through on a horse.   Redcaps and geese took off and they were all circling round above us.   Zefferelli said it was too dangerous for the stars - the birds flying!   I eventually found the Redcaps and put them into the trailer, but one goose was missing, last seen heading for Darley Dale.

William Hurt was living at Darley Dale and came to tell me he had seen the goose down by the river.   Wayne, some helpers and I drove down towards Darley Dale.   We could see the goose, so parked and ran across the field.   We couldn't catch her.   When we arrived back at the cars, a policeman on a motorbike was waiting with parking tickets.   Wayne tried to explain we were trying to catch a very valuable bird.   The exchanges got very heated, I could see a police cell looming fast.   However later, a very contrite letter got me off the hook.

Three weeks later six of us went along and we caught her.   Magnus, who played rugby for the county; grabbed her as she was trying to take off.   The world premiere of the film was at Matlock   Redcaps appeared briefly twice in the film but on the video they had been cut out altogether.   It was a wonderful experience.

FOOTNOTES:  Sadly Audrey Dawson passed away on the 22nd October 2018.  She was a stalwart member of the club for many years.  She will be remembered as presenting the club with the 'Audrey Dawson Rosebowl' awarded annually for the 'Best Redcap' at the Poultry Club of Great Britain show (PCGB - Telford).

Franco Zefferelli sadly passed away in 2019.

(Last updated 09 July 2019)